Eating in Restaurants

Eating out just takes some planning.

Go online before you go out and check the nutritional menus.  (Denny's will give you one you can keep.)

Here are links to several:



Black Angus,d.aWw

Main dish salads are always good, but watch the dressings.  I buy the Walden Farms single serve packets from Netrition and order my salads without dressings.  Otherwise, oil and vinegar, ranch and blue cheese are usually pretty low carb.

Order chicken and fish grilled or broiled, not fried.  It is the breading that will get you.

At breakfast, ask to substitute sliced tomatoes for the hash browns, and tell them to hold the bread.

Side salads are better than soups.  Most soups are thickened or have high carb veggies.

Opt for steamed veggies instead of fries.

Watch the cole is full of sugar.

If it is a restaurant with BIG entrees, split a meal with a friend, or take half of it home.

Omelets are good for lunch as well as breakfast

All you can eat buffets can be a good choice.  You can start with a big salad, then pick and choose your entrees to be low carb.  But you have to have cast iron willpower LOL.

Ask the waiter to not bring a bread basket or basket of chips to the table...if it is there, you will eat it!

At a Mexican restaurant, order the Taco Salad and ask for it to be served in a salad bowl instead of a taco shell and use salsa for a dressing.

At a pizza parlor, eat the filling with a fork and leave the crust, and order a side salad.

If you are dining with non-low carbers, use cast iron willpower and don't nibble on the the high carb appetizers they order. 

You can eat low carb in a restaurant with a little foresight and planning